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Julie has lived in Manchester, Amsterdam, Brussels and Couesmes Vauce…
She has a degree in Creative Writing & Contemporary Dance, an MA Writing Studies (distinction) A PGCE (distinction) and a PhD Creative Writing.  She is also a practising yogi.
She was a Creative Writing university lecturer in a Contemporary Arts department for many years where she discovered a commonality between her practices of creative writing, yoga and improvised dance which she shares in All Connect: Writing Mindfully For Wellbeing workshops.

Why she writes.

Julie writes
to explore this world, her world, other worlds…
to inquire into who she is, where she’s come from, where she’s going to…
to express what she’s learning, what she’s discovering, what she’s trying to understand…
to search for answers to her questions…
to pass on dreams and passions and memories…

How she writes.

Like a photographer has a camera to capture the moment, she has journals, collected from her travels, in which she records observations and transformations, images and thoughts, atmospheres and places, impressions and feelings. 
She writes in long hand with a pencil, stealing from fairy tales, borrowing from myths, recycling legends, retelling creation stories.
She weaves patterns, sculpts shapes, creates mosaics, blends fact and fiction.  She dances over pages with prose-poetry, finding her voice from her body, going with the flow, making connections, listening to the pencil’s music, painting dots of colour with words.

What she writes about.

Stories within asanas, a small stone cottage: La Paperie, lotus flowers and apple blossom, birdsong, and butterflies, rainbows and fossils, angels and temples, tattoos and piercings, windchimes and bones, autumn leaves and pine cones, jewels and pearls, mermaids and unicorns, secrets and memories, Buddha and Le Petit Prince, shells and driftwood, swallows and hares, loss and discovery, art and adventure, creativity and destruction, energy and pacing, meditation through pencil and paper, the power of language, the magic of dance, the ‘still point’ of yoga and the reciprocal relationship between all three.